Oct 19, 2022

5th de.NBI Cloud User Meeting - Registration Opening

Starting today, October 25th, the registration for our 5th edition of the de.NBI Cloud User Meeting is open. 

The de.NBI Cloud User Meeting supports the interaction with our growing community. Thus, we would like to hear from you the needs of the scientific life sciences community allowing us to shape the future of the de.NBI Cloud according to specific use cases.

This year, we are organizing the de.NBI Cloud user meeting as an on-site, in person event at the Forschungszentrum Jülich from December 6th - 7th. 

The scope of this meeting includes:

  • Talks of experienced users in different research areas
  • Workshops for new and already experienced users
  • Chance to talk to experts on various cloud computing topics

We are looking forward to welcoming interested researchers from many different bioinformatics and life-science research areas to learn more about cloud computing and the de.NBI Cloud.

We provide the opportunity for our current users to learn more about best practices in cloud computing and present newcomers and possible future users the capabilities provided by the de.NBI Cloud that could help accelerate their research in future projects. Talks and workshops will be given covering topics in cloud computing, such as container orchestration using Kubernetes, the application of infrastructure as code technologies but also bioinformatics related workshops such as an introduction to Bioconda and BioContainers.

5th de.NBI Cloud User Meeting Event page and registration